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Store Designs

Interior Design | User Experience (UX) Design | Commercial


Latin America + Carribean + US




Studio X

With the design of these cafe stores I had the opportunity to experiment in translating a brand concept to a physical space that would be captivating for the users. It started with understanding the brand essence, to later analyze the customer journey, and thoughtfully integrate the local context. I got the chance to not only collaborate but also lead a talented multidisciplinary team, in crafting environments that nurtured a sense of community and elevated the cafe experience.


In a course of one week each team member would understand the context of each new location, adapt the layout of a specific store format, prototype a store design following company guidelines, present to the client to gain feedback, and document a final solution for an easy implentation

The process began by an inmersion in the brand standards and fixed components, while understanding the vision for the customer journey within the stores. This foundation allowed a comprehension of the existing design principles and guidelines.

Recognizing the importance of context, a quick research was held for every store location to understand the cultural backgrounds of each new store being opened. Insights into the region's rich cultural heritage, architectural styles, and customer preferences served as a springboard for the subsequent design phases.

With an understanding of the brand standards and specific context we set out to answer...

Within the design process we sought out to create a unique experience in every store. Constant revisions with the team and the client stirred a series of ideas that were prototyped through floorplans, 3D modeling and renders. This iterative process allowed us to explore diverse possibilities and find the most effective ways to integrate local elements, materials, and cultural references into the store designs. The prototypes were continuously refined based on user feedback, stakeholder input, and alignment with brand values and trends.

Riverside Casino Final Design

The importance of a good interior design goes far beyond making a space visually pleasing. This scale of design is the one that we actually inhabit, making it even more crucial to always have a clear vision of what is being transmitted. For these designs it was vital to know the different elements that made an interior space and to use each in a way that shaped the general functionality of a place. Materiality was at the top of the list followed with lighting, furniture selection, and art. Each one of these elements were used to highlight different parts of a store and create different environments in a same space

In the final design we managed to show just how the store experience would look in real life. To ensure that the design was followed when implemented, we carefully specified every detail and created further custom elements when needed to suit each space and to induce different behaviours and journeys in the customer.

This holistic approach to interior design enabled me to navigate the complexities of cultural context, balance brand consistency with local authenticity, and ultimately deliver engaging and memorable experiences for customers throughout America.

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